Exclusive Solar Leads & Appointments

Need Qualified Solar Leads? Look No Further.

We focus on the things that matter, ROI and your long term lead generation strategy. We don't just want to be another "one and done" lead gen company you work with. We wan't to end your endless search for quality leads and be the last lead generation company you ever have to work with!

Exclusive Leads & Appointments

We deliver exclusive leads and appointments right to you with cutting out the "Middle Man".


This service is best for a small business who have a smaller marketing budget but

are still trying to explode there sales and revenue numbers.


This service best suits bigger solar companies that are just looking for an additional

source of qualified appointments.

Why Choose Us Solar Geniuses

We've spent THOUSANDS on testing anything and everything so that we can implement our proven strategies right into your business.

"So far we are looking at about 16 leads and 5 booked appointments. 1 deal closed so far within the first week, resulting in $12,382.00 in added revenue."

Michael S.

"Out of the 7 leads in the first few days, we were able to book in 2 appointments. Slow start but still getting used to the follow up system."

Daniel H.

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